Hello You
Or whatever your name may be, hello.

I'm James, a guy/thing who likes art, clouds, bacon mac and cheese and stuff that brings life into the world.
I create art from time to time,
I'm an artist, a poet and writer. But seriously who isn't with all of these thingys on Tumblr?

Mind my random, mind my venting, mind me because I'll never mind myself.


Balogna/Baloney The Musical - REMIX

(Source: youtube.com)

i have dreams about this gato

i have dreams about this gato



2015 is only 5 months away, just let that sink in

What the fuck does the sink want now

knock knock, its sink



this is too good i just had to post it again

this is literally my favorite thing on the fucking internet. i have never loved something more in my entire life. this video is my soul. 

this is too beautiful for words other then the words I just said here today just now well I typed them not really said them is it still called said then? I should of put some commas up in this bitch oh well gotta go to bed yolo 4loko swag what the fuck am i saying or typing oh not this again